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"Good day Lauri. Finally had a chance to really sit and go through the pictures. They are so awesome. Some look like brand new poses because the way you cropped them and changed colors. Thank you so much for all you have done. You are very authentic and dedicated to what you do so well."God Bless, Angie, Aaron and Tyson

"I have been meaning to send you an email to thank you for our pictures! I absolutely love them!!!!! Despite Devon not feeling the most cooperative, we got lots of good ones of him... and I really like the ones of me:) We have had many compliments on the pictures (because I love showing them off) The CD was even cute. Once I got them, I immediately put together and book on Shutterfly and ordered it, should be in anytime. If I am passing through and I have time, I will try to stop by and show it to you.Amy is a wonderful girl too and after knowing how great you are to work with and seeing your wedding photo examples, thought it would be a perfect match. We'll see you in September when you come out to Edson!"Andrea

" are truly a are a gift to this make a lot of people happy. I heard so many awesome comments on your work last night......Thanks for being so good at what you do !!!!! xxxxx "

" I wanted to let you know that we really liked the pictures, my favorites are the pink bow and I thought the ones of me lying on my back are some of the best picktures ever taken of me. I can't wait to do the newborn ones, course we'll have to actually wait for the baby on that, lol " Erica

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