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My name is Amy Martin and I can easily say that photography is one of my strongest passions. I first got into photography simply by exploring with my little point and shoot canon camera. Mostly I would just snap pictures of my friends and my mother's garden and then everything just began to bloom from there. No pun intended. Ok, maybe a little.

My favorite things to capture are individual's full, heartfelt smiles, as well as the close up details of the amazing world we live in. Also, kids; kids lives are pretty much just a series of perfect photos waiting to be captured.

Photography is more to me than just the mechanics of a camera and the open and closing of a shutter. Photographs are a way to express, relate and cherish a moment in time, which will forever be remembered by the emotions, captured by that perfect frame. That's why I love wedding photography. A wedding day is full of memories, quirky moments, intricate details, handsome men, beautiful women and adorable kids. But above all...emotions. Which all together is a photographer's dream gig.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and hopefully you'll give us the chance to make your dream...our dream.


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